Project Details

Project Name : Acıbadem Altunizade / İstanbul

Project Details
Content  : Energy Monitoring and Power Management SCADA system
Products   : PLC and network analyzers for MDP’s
Completion date  : 2017
Investor  : Acıbadem
Surface  : 98.000 sqm
Power   :  3x2500kVA Transformer + 2x3200kVA Step-Up Transformer + 2x1250kVA Cogeneration + 4x1600kVA Generator
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Electrical measurement
Socomec Diris products  1450 pcs

15000  I/O points Server & Client

İstanbul Acıbadem Altunizade Hospital complex with a gross floor area of  98.000 sqm has a capacity of  350 beds.  The project, led by Acıbadem Group, is a candidate for LEED Healthcare  Gold certification category. The complex is supplied by 5 transformers (3x2500kVA + 2x3200kVA) and backed up by a 2500kVA cogeneration system.


All electrical parameters and switch positions of the main distribution panels are supervised by a SCADA software as well as the energy consumptions according to LEED criteria with a total of 1450 SOCOMEC metering instruments throughout the building.